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Po jumped in food(25) and service(22) in this years Zagats.Thanks to my staff & our loyal fans that have supported Po for the last 18+ years
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Hoteles Grandview Hotel
Hoteles Grandview Hotel
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Hoteles-Grandview Hotel
Hoteles-Grandview Hotel
Hoteles-Grandview Hotel
 Hoteles Grandview Hotel
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Grandview Hotel, Macau

Estrada Governador Albano de Oliveira 142

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Introducción, Grandview Hotel

Grandview Hotel Macau has virtually everything you will need to complete a relaxing stay in Macau.

Detalles, Grandview Hotel

Strategically located in Downtown Taipa, access to all-important places is convenient be it Portas de Cerco (Macau-China Border Gate) in the northern part of the main city or Hac Sa Beach in the southeastern end of Coloane Island, not to mention its very close proximity to Co-Tai which is being developed to become the Las Vegas of the East. Your comfort is our utmost concern. All our rooms and suites are tastefully decorated and furnished creating a great feeling of ease just like when you are in your own home.

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