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Do you like Opera, culture and Gozo? Then Festival Mediterranea 2014 is for you!! Check it out on - http://t.co/bP2XLRl73b
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Empresa eventos Undicizero 3 Studio
Empresa eventos Undicizero 3 Studio
Empresa eventos-Undicizero 3 Studio
Empresa eventos-Undicizero 3 Studio
Empresa eventos-Undicizero 3 Studio
 Empresa eventos Undicizero 3 Studio
Empresa eventos Organizaciones

Undicizero 3 Studio, Milán

Ripa di Porta Ticinese 97
20143 Milán

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Introducción, Undicizero 3 Studio

Looking for a Event Planner during World Exhibition 2015 in Milan? On event1001 you will find Event Planner in Milan, Italy. Paola and Alice are two young wedding planners creative, two friends who provide you the bride and groom all the enthusiasm of which they are provided to ensure that the ' organization of your wedding is impeccable.

Detalles, Undicizero 3 Studio

Paola, product designer & wedding planner , embodies the spirit of organization and more practical, very skilful in the management of contacts with suppliers, in problem solving, and gives the couple the perfect organization of marriage , respecting deadlines and budgets prescribed after careful analysis possible solutions and demands of future spouses . Alice, graphic designer & wedding planner , is the creative soul of the study, a true artist of planning the wedding , thanks to his experience and dexterity, packs genuine quality products for the newlyweds . Each request is handled by Alice down to the smallest detail, and the yield is always impeccable.

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