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Club Discoteca Karlovy lázně
Club Discoteca Karlovy lázně
Club Discoteca-Karlovy lázně
Club Discoteca-Karlovy lázně
Club Discoteca-Karlovy lázně
Club Discoteca-Karlovy lázně
 Club Discoteca Karlovy lázně
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Karlovy lázně, Praga

República Checa
Smetanovo Nabrezi 198
11000  Praga

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Introducción, Karlovy lázně

Looking for a venue in Prague. Club discotheque in Prague - find disco night and lounge clubs for party or social nights here in the Czech Republic. Karlovy lazne with its five music clubs on five floors is the largest establishment of its type in central Europe. Karlovy lazne is also unique thanks to the original character created through the preserved historic interior of the building,, which was built at the turn of the 14th and 15th centuries. Original mosaic tiles in corridors and on walls, mosaic murals in the main rooms and partially preserved spa facilities and pools in the style of the ancient Roman baths, which now serve as dance floors, minus the water, on two floors, combine with modern facilities and music to create an inimitable atmosphere that has made Karlovy lazne one of the most populat dance clubs in the Czech Republic.

Detalles, Karlovy lázně

Each floor at Karlovy Lazne is a separate club devoted to a specific style of music. On the ground floor is he now fully renovated Music café, devastated after last year’s floods, which is devoted to black music. Quests can also use six computers connected to the internet here, free of charge. The first floor is a paradise for lovers of disco music. Popular DJs play guests the latest hits from the dance floor scene. Following the completion of recent repairs, Discotheque now has a new, futuristic design. Its main components are the drinks bas inspired by the shape of the American Stealth B2- Spirit bomber, bargraf (a giant equalizer) or a statute with laser eyes. Kaleidoskop’s programme will delight lovers of the immortal hits of the 60’s-80’s. Paradogs Club is for fans of all dance trends. The best DJs from the Czech Republic and abroad present the best of house, trance, techno and other musical styles. Numerous special guests have already appeared here. The last floor belongs to calm, relaxing music. Chill out is an ideal place for a bit of relaxation after visiting the lower four floors. Karlovy lazne is the only music club in the Czech Republic with a permanently installed three colour laser, while all floors are equipped with EAW speakers. The specialist magazine, MONDO, rated Karlovy lazne as one of the best technically equipped clubs in Europe.

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